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VAMS – Tips for Troubleshooting

VAMS is the federal CDC database being used to track vaccine supply and who has been vaccinated. There is also an optional scheduling tool that many (but not all) locations are using to allow registered, eligible individuals to search for and book an appointment time to receive the vaccine.  

Users can reference the Vaccine Recipient User Manual if necessary.

Internet browser: VAMS works best in the Google Chrome web browser but can be accessed via any browser except Internet Explorer. VAMS also works on Android and iOS mobile devices.  

How to create an account: You will get a registration email from VAMS. Search your inbox for an email from vams@cdc.gov. If the email isn’t in your inbox, check your spam folder. Click the link in the email to start your VAMS registration (this step creates your account). The registration link does not expire. 

But I never received an email. What should I do? Have you checked your email junk or spam folder? The registration information may have gone into your junk or spam folder in error. The email would be sent by vams@cdc.govNo-reply@mail.vams.cdc.gov, or No-reply@envelope.mail.vams.cdc.gov. If the email isn’t in your inbox, check your spam folder.  If you still can’t find the email, contact your employer or supervisor. 

I’m logged into VAMS but don’t know how I now schedule an appointment. What do I do? You can schedule your appointment from the My Appointments page or from the Registration Confirmation.     From the page, click the Schedule Appointment. NOTE: You can only have one appointment scheduled at a time. If you have an existing appointment scheduled, you will not be able to schedule another appointment until the existing appointment is canceled or completed. On the Clinic Location page, locate a clinic by entering your address or the ZIP code where you want to be vaccinated. You can filter results within 5, 10, 20, 50, or 100-mile radius of your address or ZIP code by clicking the drop-down arrow in the Within field. Click Search and a list of clinics within your selected mile radius will appear. Click the name of your preferred clinic, then click the Next button that appears below the map. NOTE: You must click the clinic name link for the Next button to appear. On the Date and Time page, select an available appointment date on the calendar to the left. Days with available appointments appear in black while unavailable days are grayed out. Select your appointment time by clicking a time slot, then click Next.  Available time slots will appear in blue text while unavailable time slots are grayed out. NOTE: Your selected appointment time slot will be held in the system for 10 minutes. If the appointment is not confirmed by that time, it will be released in the system. Review your selected appointment location, date, and time. Click Submit to confirm your appointment or Previous to make changes. After clicking Submit, you will see an appointment confirmation, which includes your appointment details and a QR (quick response) code. You can present this QR code to the front desk staff when you arrive for your appointment for a contactless check-in.     NOTE: You will also receive an appointment confirmation via your preferred contact method. The appointment confirmation includes the same information as the appointment confirmation page. 

Will VAMS provide each vaccine recipient with an e-mail verification of vaccination? Yes, after the vaccination appointment, the vaccine recipient is e-mailed a confirmation and the next dose eligible date.  They can print their vaccination certificate from VAMS and schedule their next appointment. 

I have been locked out of my account. Every time you log into VAMS, you must verify your identity by entering your password, and a number you receive via email (two-factor authentication process). After five log-in attempt failures, you will be locked out of the system for one hour. Helpdesk information: Call 800-232-4636