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Quit Cold Turkey

Congratulations on taking this first step toward quitting!
Because quitting is different for everyone, we invite you to tell us how we can help you.
There are various over-the-counter-nicotine replacement tools (NRTs) that can help.
The nicotine patch, gum, or lozenge — can dramatically increase your chances of successfully quitting smoking. But you can boost your odds even more by combining the patch with either the gum or the lozenge. Here’s why:

  • The patch delivers a steady stream of nicotine for 24 hours, so you get long-acting, consistent relief from withdrawal symptoms, such as headaches and irritability.
  • Meanwhile, the gum or lozenge delivers a small amount of nicotine within 15 minutes, helping you to manage tough situations and keeping your mouth busy as you ride out the cravings.
  • Used together, the patch and the gum or lozenge can provide much better relief from nicotine cravings than they can if used alone.

Don’t worry! Combining medications is unlikely to give you too much nicotine. For one thing, nicotine itself is the least harmful ingredient in tobacco. The patch, gum and lozenge — even in combination — typically deliver less nicotine than cigarettes do for most smokers. Nicotine replacement products give you just enough nicotine to minimize cravings.