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COVID – Instructional Blocks

Agent Instructions:
Navigate to the Patients tab in Appt Plus www.appointmentplus.com

UWC — UN: 211vaccine PW: covid19
Expivia — UN: Expivia PW: 2021Vaccine
AMN — UN: Accenture PW: 2021Covid

1. Search for the client (by last name or phone number) to see if the client already exists in Appt Plus.
2. If the caller already has a profile in Appt Plus, check to ensure they don’t already have a first dose appointment scheduled. If they do, ask them if they can keep that existing appointment or if they want to cancel it.
3. If the caller does not have a profile in Appt Plus, navigate back to the calendar to search for the first available appointment that will work for the caller. Once a date/time is found, click the (+) to complete the patient profile info and book the appointment. **First dose appointments cannot be booked more than 18 days in the future. Appointments for the next day cannot be made after 6pm EST. And NO booking of same-day appointments is allowed. IMPORTANT: Please read the spelling of the caller’s first name, last name, and date of birth back to the caller to ensure accuracy. All patient details must be correct.
4. Navigate to the Patients tab in Appt Plus to search for the client, open the client profile, and click on Make Appointment to proceed with booking the second dose appointment. ** The second dose needs to ideally be 21 days after the 1st dose. If the caller cannot make an appointment on day 21, you may book an appointment up to day 24 but not before day 21. Use the 21 day calculator to add 21 days to the first dose date to calculate the correct date for the second dose appointment.